October 03, 2006

AutoSummarize a Word Document

Did you know that you can summarize a written report automatically with the AutoSummarize feature in Word? This is probably a little known feature to most, but sometimes it can be very handy! Use the AutoSummarize feature in Word to create one of four different types of summaries.

After completing a written report for a science fair project, or an article at work, your thesis, a book, you name it, one can write an abstract of the report by having Word summarize it automatically. This tip could apply to virtually any written report, such as a historical research report. Keep in mind that you will want to edit the summary, but it is definitely a good start to bringing up key points throughout the word document!

How To:

1. Open a Microsoft Word document that you want to summarize.

2. Choose AutoSummarize from the Tools menu.

3. When the AutoSummarize dialog box opens, select the type of summary that you want to apply. You can choose to highlight key points, insert an executive summary or abstract at the top of the document, create a new document, or hide everything but the summary.

4. Click OK to continue. A new document will open and display your summary.

Note: It’s unlikely that Word will create the exact summary that you need. You will need to do some editing of the summary.

That's it - pretty nifty?


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