September 26, 2006

Have Extra Time On Your Hands?

I came across this last week and found it both mildly intruiging and challenging. If you have some extra time and can do any sort of subject/word association, you should have some fun here! Browse out to and start working away!

You will be introduced to the puzzle and greeted with these kind words:

"No single mortal will be able to solve this puzzle alone, so get a few friends and do it together. Good luck!"

If you decide you are no longer going to work at the puzzle, you can click on save game and then merge your puzzle with mine by using the link below. Beware: Upon merging the link below, you will have completed the puzzle. (DO NOT CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW, rather right click the link, 'copy link location', and paste into the space provided)

Spoiler: Completed Puzzle


Anonymous Ami said...

i will try said puzzle. did you know you have an advertisement on your blog? yet another reason why wordpress is superior. i like the new title :) PS i swear to you that site will be up by friday!!!! so check it!!

Tue Sep 26, 09:51:00 PM  

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