September 29, 2006

Advertising in Your Blog

In the past, you and I would struggle to keep advertisement away from our personal homepage or blog seeking to have a clean look on the space given for free. Today, more and more people are requesting ads to be put on their site in expectation of payment and relatively easy income.

As if you haven't noticed, I will tell you that I have put up several advertisements on this space. I trust that you do not find this advertisement obnoxious in any form, but bear with me as I experiment with various advertisers and settings within this space. I've been curious for some time as to the options, scalability, and return on such decisions. I've tried to do some research, but most locations come back saying that they can not reveal any detail. I came to the conclusion that I would just have to make an account myself in order to learn. That being said, there are now several advertisements on this site. You have most likely noticed these ads change size, shape, color, and location as I play with various tools. I do not intend to litter my blog with these ads. I hope you will find that they stay out of the way.

Currently is fed advertisement via Google AdSense which has proven to be a relatively fast and easy way to display relevant advertisements. Google ads review information found in the viewed page to display advertisement that might be relative to a viewers interest. Interesting, huh? Check out the Internet's Biggest Google Whores by John Chow concerning several sites incorporating Google's AdSense.

I by no means expect to become rich off this idea in my blog, infact - I don't even expect to make a penny off this idea. Just bear with me as I get to play with the concept on my own terms.


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