March 29, 2006

Snipe Anyone?

A snipe hunt is one of a class of practical jokes that involve experienced people making fun of newcomers by giving them an impossible or imaginary task.

Inexperienced campers or hunters are
told about a bird or animal called the snipe, as well as a (usually ridiculous) method of catching it - such as running around the woods carrying a bag, or making strange noises. Since the supposed snipe doesn't exist, the hunt never succeeds, no matter how foolishly the newcomer acts.

To extend the joke, there actually is a species of bird called a snipe. The success of the joke depends in part on the victim's ignorance of this, as the snipe is found primarily in wetlands and the joke is invariably played in wooded areas.

Another variation of this type of practical joke, called a fool's errand in the UK, involves sending newcomers on a work site to fetch nonexistent tools, such as a left-handed screwdriver, a can of striped paint or a tube of elbow grease.

In the Boy Scouts of America it is common for first-time attendees at a camporee (a large weekend event) to be sent after a "left-handed smoke-shifter," supposedly a branch with a fan on the end used to deflect smoke from a campfire. In the Air Force a variant involves new airmen being sent to the commissary to purchase a bottle of prop wash.

A traditional variation of this in UK schools involves a teacher sending a pupil—usually picked for being annoying as much as for gullibility—to another teacher for "a long stand". When the pupil arrives and delivers the request, they are asked to wait—usually in full view of the class: this is their "long stand".

This past weekend Kristawas not a pupil in a UK school, certainly not a boyscount, she was however on a mission to discover the snipes outside her apartment. With small amounts of help from Alan and myself, Krista discovered the delight of snipe hunting! Words can not do the next 10 minutes justice, you will have to refer to the pictures below for the best understanding of this story.

With pot and spoon in hand, and of course the official snipe hunting Steak & Shake hat on the head - Krista is ready to depart for a night of snipe hunting!

She looks close and far; She looks high, and she looks low, but the snipes don't appear to be out tonight. Deep into the woods we go...

Clang Clang....Clang.....clang... We must have used the wrong sound..."Any snipes under there?" ...."Any snipes under where?" just said underwear...

Tonight the snipes are hidden well, so we retreat inside for Krista google the best snipe hunting method. If only we could have caught her expression when she read the same paragraph you read above. We didn't catch her reaction, because the camera was too busy focused on Lori's expression of her disatisfaction concerning the simple entertainment Alan and myself provided with a simple mix of pots, spoons, a Steak & Shake hat, and Krista's good spirit. oh...and snipes!

Well that brings us up to speed on current events. I saw Inside Man this weekend as well, pretty good, I would reccommend you viewing it if you get a few extra minutes. This week and next week are going to be extremely busy as it is musical season once again. I will be doing sound for Honk, the musical of choice for CU. Things are shaping up fairly well, and tonight is day number one with an audience. Hopefully we'll get all those cues, effects, and everything else in place!

I guess that's all for now, some of us must go work. Then go to the musical and work some more. Oooh, sounds like a long day - anyone want to trade? Quick..before I

March 23, 2006

Recent Unrisky Activity

In recent discussions with my roommates we compiled a quick list of accumulated hard disk storage capacity between the four of us. This conversation surfaced after Ryan found a steal on 200GB hard drives at just 40 dollars! After I purchased one, and Paul two - we realized we were disk store crazed! Truthfully though, I believe we are using the majority of the disk space we own. The list below is what we added up. This equates to almost 3 Terabytes of disk storage. That's a lot of disk! For not so tech adept, that's equivalent to the storage of 100 of those shiny silver computers from CU (dell D600 @ 30gb). Wow, imagine if we had the processing power of 100 D600's. Hmmmm..... And for you nerds, yes I mentioned hard disk above, but the following may include small quantities of flash memory. There I prefaced, now you can't complain about the invalidity of the list.

Look at the breakdown:

Owner Capacity Device
Josh 40 Laptop
Josh 5 Desktop
Josh 15 Ipod
Josh 1 PDA
Jeff 500 Mac
Jeff 510 Server
Jeff 300 Xbox
Jeff 200 New Drive
Jeff 30 Ipod
Jeff 30 Desktop
Jeff 1.5 Flash Memory
Jeff 0.256 Phone
Jeff 40 Tivo
Jeff 80 Work Laptop
Jeff 60 Personal Laptop
Paul 30 Ipod
Paul 4 Ipod
Paul 200 Desktop
Paul 400 New Drive
Paul 40 Laptop
paul 20 portable
Paul 2.5 Flash Memory
Paul 0.512 Flash Memory
Ryan 250 External Drive
Ryan 60 Desktop
Ryan 40 Laptop
Ryan 2 Flash Memory


Alright, yeah I'm a nerd. Whatever. Go ahead and say it. Now that that's out of the way, I am thoroughly pleased at my recent winnings of $23,744!!! After counting the total of my winnings I sat there for a moment imagining what I could and would want to do with all that surprise capital. Several more seconds of that amount of cash in hand and I returned the money to the designated monopoly banker. Several weeks ago I won a timed game of Monopoly involving Paul, Krista, Brittnay, and myself. All demanded a rematch, and so we set out to play until full monopoly Monday night. Just under four hours later I monopolized the entire board for an end cash equivalent of the above total. It was a good game, tight game, and very much enjoyable. I wonder if there will be a third match coming down the road.

Last night I went through the day very much anticipating a challenging game or Risk later in the evening. If you can't tell, I enjoy the challenge and competition involved in strategy types of games. Well, 6pm rolled around and persons 1,2 and 3 were already there. Persons 4 and 5 arrived, and then person 6, and 7. Wait, what seven? Dang it. Risk is a 6 player game! At the risk of injuring friendship for the sake of keeping the game on target, I relaxed and reluctantly chimed in for an undemanding straightforward game of Phase 10. I guess it turned out alright, Persons 3 and 5 weren't really all that into the risk concept anyway. Hmmm...perhaps they should have played phase 10! Nearly three hours later we completed the 'game.' I'm fairly confident someone could have conquered the entire Risk board in that amount of time. Oh well, another night, another Risk.

That's all for now, enjoy today!

March 14, 2006


Hello All,

I am currently sitting on my luxurious hotel couch somewhere on the East side of Ohio, relaxing after a long days work. Not a whole lot of the news front. The weather has been absolutely outstanding reaching nearly 70 degrees a few days in a row, until the sudden change this morning plunging temperatures to the 30's. Had to bring the winter coat back out for that one.

Yesterday this part of Ohio experienced much rain accompanied by rolling thunder and intense flashes of lightning that lit up the entire sky and ground. It reminded me how much I really enjoy those types of storms. I stood outside and watched as it was so peaceful with rain steadily falling, cooling the air - then interrupted by the nearby flash of lightning and threatening claps of powerful thunder! After a while I went back inside, but I made sure to leave my window open a crack so I could hear all that was happening.

This week has been challenging at work as it seems that this particular location lacks a little communication and organization. But whatchya gonna do? I'll do my best to accomplish like I have the rest! Push forward and work hard.

I think that's all I have for now. I know it's not much, but I'm trying to keep up with a MINIMUM of weekly updates here. That's my hope anyway. One last thing - Krystal has joined the blogspot community today switching from her xanga. I shall make mention of it here so as to distribute the news more quickly. Go check it out!

That's all - enjoy Patch Tuesday!

March 06, 2006


Have you used Facebook? If not, you should! You can find a link to my facebook on the right hand side of this webpage. If you are a Facebook user, have you ever ventured to view the statistics compiled by Pulse. These are stats brought together by the usage and responses from those using facebook. If you haven't looked at it, you can find some intriguing and sometimes funny truths and trends. If you use facebook, but haven't browsed Pulse, be sure you go! While displaying all these compiled numbers, Pulse also shows a "Did You Know?" column with statements that may be intriguing to you and I as the reader. Of course these are only as accurate as the facebook user makes themself to be. But truthfully the last statement made me laugh. Maybe it should be making me cry...

As I was reading through some of the results offered up by Pulse, I noticed that Cornerstone as a whole was typically one off with favorite shows, books, movies, etc. For example - if the Number One Favorite Person in the World (NOFPW) to the entire facebook community were Jeff Sickles, then Pulse would report NOFPW as Jeff Sickles. However, Cornerstone would be one off and report Jeff Sickles as NTFPW. NOFPW would be replaced with something like...God. This is what I found. Well, Cornerstone listed the number one book as...any guesses? The B-I-B-L-E. Well, suffice to say, one should expect that this Great Book would also be the number one read? Right? Am I right here? Well, this is why the statistic to the left made me laugh so hard! Pulse reports back with the Bible as the number one book, yet it also reports that 1.2% of Cornerstone reads the Bible. I found this most entertaining - then again, I guess it doesn't take much sometimes.

This weekend passed by most quickly resulting in fairly low productivity. I did however enjoy a riveting game of Monopoly with a few friends who ultimately had to give me the Monopoly award at the end of our 3.5 hours of solid game time. I will now have to discover how I can profit $11,000+ in just several hours in non-monopoly money. I figure if I can do it on the gameboard, I am halfway through the problem.

March 01, 2006


Well, today proved to fly by at work. Also found out that somehow I owe 200 dollars from an emergency room visit in February of 2002. Seems they couldn't locate me for 4 years somehow. Turns up on my credit report here in 2006, even though the doctors somehow had "no information" on me. This is the first time I've ever even heard of the charge. I'm gonna have to go figure out if I was in the ER in 2002... Dang..its difficult enough to get insurance to cover charges when they happen, how am I going to explain something from over 4 years ago?! Wish me luck!

Now I would like to share with you a poem written for me this week by a good friend (she had popcorn in her hand).


From kernels you have transformed, to transform me.
From munchies and hunger you have made me free
No wonder the Spanish call you
little doves.... palomitas

- Megan Jack (NY)