February 28, 2006

Google Video and YouTube

Google Video is a great tool, and a fun toy - and why have I not utilized this before? For some unknown reason I have never ventured into googlevideoland until just this past week when Ryan reminded me of the site, it's capabilities, and why I should use it. Well of course! So now I am looking for video to upload for others to entertain themselves. I've already discovered Becky's phonebooks, the peanut prank, the calvin vs cornerstone parking video, and an oldie but goodie - Wendy's drivethru. You'll have to browse over to google and search for those, that is..if you want some entertainment! I'll also be nice and provide you the links to the videos mentioned above.

It's amazing, online for fewer than 4 days and already over 300 views on these 4 videos! I guess people really enjoy simple entertainment...

Also I've discovered the enjoyment of YouTube - a very popular video site. Below you will find links to the locations of Google Video and embedded links to YouTube.

While you are on these sites, try seraching for other fun topics - pranks, jump, fall, stupid....you never know what you might find! :) Happy Viewing!

Becky Blackmon and her Phonebooks

Becky returns to her car at 8:40pm to find phonebooks piled high from the floor to the top of her seats in her car (Front and back). Along with this she finds her horn blaring for no apparent reason (hard wired to the battery).

Enjoy the footage along with commentary overlay from Becky herself as she tries to explain to me exactly what happened just minutes after she returns to her room.

Cornerstone vs Calvin Parking

Cornerstone University VS Calvin College parking situation. Video is a little blurry as the entire film was shot on a small digital picture camera. This was made in response to a large quantity of complaints on the discussion board and CUBE concerning the overwhelming walk from the commuter lot to gainey and Bolthouse.

Peanuts Office Prank

Styrofoam peanuts prank on a Helpdesk worker in Cincinnati. Peanuts fall surprisingly beautifully from drop ceiling. This is revision one with audio track to the blueman group. A must see with amazing humor!

Wendys Drivethru

A selfmade scavenger hunt left us as freshman at a drivethru asking for someone on staff to sing "How Much is that Doggie in the Window." At the ordering screen we simply stated that we needed someone to sing, they were more than willing to participate..the video begins just after our "order." What you see is the result of just such an event! Simply entertaining...

February 25, 2006

The EMove

Yes, I have decided to move to blogspot! I know that many of you doubt my commitment to a new blog, simply because it has been 6 months 24 days and 2 hours and 17 minutes since I updated my original blog. I dunno - time will tell and prove to all. I like the blogspot because it is a bit more simple in its looks and feel - and I like simple in such an occassion as formatting a blog. One of the best things - I don't have to use those eprops any more - never did like the eprops! You won't find any eprops here - no sirreee.

Lets see, really not much to say at this moment - I just wanted to introduce the blog, say hello, and claim my ground with my seventh attempt at a username. That means there's a lot of other people out there that think like me. I'll get into that later...

For now..check back in, leave comments (I love comments) and enjoy the weekend!

Wait a minute... no one knows about this site..who's going to read it? Someone will find it...