July 31, 2005


peaceful. relaxing. dull. lifeless. tedious. humdrum.....a bore. these are all things that do not describe my recent weeks of life on earth. currently i have the most remarkable opportunity - nasa discovery commander eileen collins asked me to join her team of six for this space flight. pending the repair of the tears in the foam, i should be returning to gr shortly. ok not really, but that would be a noteworthy experience to blog. just the same, life has been just the opposite of the aforementioned adjectives. ranging from weddings to wedding videos and work to running sound for bob segar tribute bands, ny wedding receptions, more work, any anything else you can think of - i've kept my schedule on the go, but i'm certainly ready for a break. yes i'm ready for a break, even though i just returned from a glorius vacation in virginia beach with my family. i think it is the time off that makes me want more time off. we spend a full week right on the beach. nothing but hot sun, schorching sand, and cool waves for a full week. as it's been said before - even good things must come to an end. this week i've already attended two going away parties. becky's before she departed for florida and megans the day after - before she goes to nyc. meanwhile i missed a visit from tracy and krystal. next time you guys have to stay in gr longer. and maybe i'll actually be in town! we came back today just in time for me to head to columbus for work for a full week. i'm going to fit 40 hours into 4 days though - then i come back to gr to work on the film 'doggie bag' friday, saturday, and sunday. the week following won't be that much of a picnic either. don't worry - i'm keeping busy. (as if you were worried) many of you may have found that this past week's emails and even im's have not contained capital letters. i dunno why - i just haven't had the desire to use the 'shift' key. (with the exception of the currently used parentheses and exclamations)! there may be a few other exceptions found, but i found some odd enjoyment out of the attempt to use all lower case letters in all texted communication. i haven't much else to say at the moment, but i had to be sure to get my post in before the calendar struck aug 1. i will end this with a picture i've had since may. i wanted to display it a lot earlier, but time didn't allow. this picture goes out to one person - they should know who they are - you should too. took this one just for you momo. had to run back to get it!

see ya in a month - maybe sooner!