March 28, 2005

Give me a Leg

Monday it is. I made it back to Michigan safely. The weather today was absolutely beautiful day with temperatures up to 60 degrees for a very brief time. The mere fact that it is now - 6pm and the temp is 54 degrees - that makes it a nice day! I like that the temperature is going up. As much as I like things going up...I am NOT fond of the gas prices. Anyone been to the pump recently? I offered four fingers (I figured I could live with two missing from each hand), but the attendant only pointed to the sign.

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Luckily I still have one tenth of my arm.

March 26, 2005

Airport Excitement

Currently I'm at home in Connecticut for a surprise Easter visit. Unfortunately I'm leaving tomorrow (Sunday) afternoon after arriving only the evening before last. Short stay - but enjoyable none-the-less!

My trip here included a two hour layover in Philly where I went to Jet Rock Bar and Grille located in concourse B. Seemed like a decent place to sit for two hours as the atmosphere allow for plenty of activity - and I do enjoy watching people. The walls and ceilings were lined with at least 40 televisions, and the area was noisey. Perfect place to sit for two hours. I tried to order a sandwich, but apparently they had been open the entire night before, and their food order for Thursday had not arrived. I'm just glad I wasn't flying yesterday, apparently many delays! Finally I settled on a fajita chicken wrap. Squeezing myself, my backpack, and my suitecase to a wall booth seat was not an easy task, but I made it and began eating - unfortunately the wrap was premade. Tasted kinda bad, I ate only 3/4 of it and chomped down the fries. That's what you get for $9.84 in an airport. I figure if you are going to open a chain - be sure to get in the airport. Seems you can charge an arm and the leg and still get away with it. Just a thought of advice. I'm sure the rent is higher, but cmon - this place had records and guitars signed by anybody and everybody hanging on the walls. If you can afford things like this, you must be doing well! There wasn't a seat in the place for the majority of the time there.

I quickly became aqquainted with Kurt, Jeff, Alicia, Heather, and Ali who were sitting next to me. They were quite entertaining and we had our fun and laughs as they too had to wait two hours for their flight. Luck for them, they were headed to West Palm for a nice vacation - myself to another cold state. We had our fun and laughs, and more quickly than expected 8:00 rolled around. Wanna hear something crazy - two hours, some food, and a few drinks later - their tab came to just over $200! OUTRAGEOUS! They hadn't even boarded the plane yet. That's gonna be one expensive vacation. See what I mean about opening a restaurant in the airport?

My plane was boarding at 8:05, so I made my way out of Jet's and proceeded to B30 - the place my plane was leaving from. Go figure - the gate had switched. In a quick panic that it would be clear across the very large airport I ran for the monitors. Scanning the large bank of monitors I finally found Hartford. ok...location..flight...time....gate.....B31. Well that was lucky, it was the gate next to the one it was leaving from. Right, that would be too easy. B31 was tucked in an odd spot. After finding the gate it turned out that we had downsized planes and EVERYONE needed to go to the front counter and be reseated. To make a very long story short, it took near an hour, several duplicate seat bookings once on the plane, and one very angry guy (not myself). We finally made it to Hartford.

I've been home since Thursday night at 10pm. I'm very tired now and tomrorow is Easter. Happy Easter everyone - wish me better luck when I board the plane tomorrow afternoon. Again I'll have the two hour layover in Philly - I wonder what good will come of this one!!!

Good Night.

March 23, 2005


Monday I come home to find Justin and Krista in the apartment - not very unusual. I also find myself quickly stripping my clothes because the thermometer was reading somewhere above its display capabilities - I think high 70's - needless to say, I'm a comfortable cool climate creature.

*FLASHBACK* The day earlier I had attempted to test the wittyness of Justin and Krista by placing a lit candle slightly below the furnace regulator. This would in turn keep the furnance at a mild pace, perhaps allowing the rooms to remain cooler (a normal 70 degrees). Justin quickly realized my little trick and gave me a strange look - I'm still not sure what it meant. Krista took the candle and placed it far on the other side of the room as if it still might have some power to keep the rooms cool. At least while I was warm, it would smell good. *END OF FLASHBACK*

Upon arriving home I went to the back room (our office) to check my email and IM's to see what nice things people had said to me that day. Very shortly after my sitting down at my desk both Justin and Krista got up to do homework somewhere else. Slightly odd - perhaps I smelled or something. Justin went to the living room to do homework in my big comfy chair, and Krista went to do homework on Justin's bed. Not even five minutes later I went to ask Justin a question and found him doing homework. Apparently in his dreams:

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Thinking I would go talk to Krista I entered into the bedroom and found this:

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With that I had only one conclusion - Man I wish I had homework to do!

March 17, 2005

Xangat I really suck at updating my "xangat," and it's not as if I have the time to do it right now. I thought I had better put some words on here, else one of you may come after me with some sort of weapon. This week is flying by, keeping busy is good. I'm across the state today for a film seminar followed by a film festival showcasing all sorts of neat ideas. I'll let you know how that goes. I'm upset beacuse I'm going to miss my roommate Justin's piano recital this evening (due to late planning and announcement of his date and time) - but he held a private showing last night. At least I was able to still hear it!! I enter this weekend excited about an upcoming short film project that I'll be working on and the TK^2 project that is in planning stage - can't wait to go full throttle with that. And that depleats my time and words for this morning - Outside looks like a beautiful day - I'm about to go enter it. Have a great one!

March 06, 2005

Legal Resident

Seems to me its been a long time coming that I write something here. Although I have nothing fascinating to say, I will attempt to write more frequently, never neglecting my "xangat" longer than a week. The best I have to share with you right now is my new found residency. As of now I am officialy a Michigan resident, however the pop will always be soda.

Here is my proof:

Let me tell you, this was not an easy thing to come by. Ask me about the story sometime. It's too long to type out here. Stupid SOS.

I like the caption on the bottom left. "See back for medical information, anatomical gift". I have chosen not to make myself an anatomical gift. Are you an anatomical gift?

Seems Blackmon got a new license too...

March 05, 2005

Falling Behind

You are the fifth from the bottom of forty-one people on my subscription list. That means only four other people on my list have neglected their Xanga more than you. Therefore:

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Let me add that two of those people pretty much never update anymore, and the other two only have their xangas to comment to friends.
Posted 3/4/2005 at 1:13 PM by GeekyMonkey

In light of this news, I will update THIS WEEKEND! Check back.