February 15, 2005

Update Mister

[Tuesday 21:05:19] cukrystal: you need to update your xanta

VERY TRUE...sorry guys...i'll um...catch up soon...maybe..


Perhaps one of my favorite SB commercials:


Also see the rest of them:


February 06, 2005

Sunday Night Summary

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February 03, 2005

Going Home Friday

Ok, I really could not resist this one. I just got this in an email from my brother.

(it wouldn't be a bad idea to turn your volume up)


February 02, 2005

So it's Like That

Have you ever looked outside to find someone shoving snow in the front seat of your car because it just so happens that you front door doesn't properly lock? (yes I said that outloud to you) Well it seems that someone entered my car in the parkinglot at school was caught by campus safety as my alarm was going off and they couldn't do much but look good. As safety left they threw some snow in the car and ran off. I bolted out of the building to catch them and question all that happened (not knowing yet that there was snow in the car, but knowing SOMETHING had to have happened, else they wouldn't be walking away). Catching up with the three I targeted the one to be blamed the most and made sure she had some close interaction with the snow (nothing terrible, just a little snow on the head, and siting in it). Anyway, it was an eventful evening when I should have been home SLEEPING because this week has been so long and it's only Tuesday night. Again I ask, have you ever approached your car to find some snow inside? I can think of one other person that can also answer that question positively. (ssshhh...she doesn't know yet)

Have a great night, and don't forget to come to the superbowl party this Sunday. Arrive anytime after 5pm - see ya then.

February 01, 2005


Yes I'm alive. Yes I'm really really busy. I'll get back here soon with something more than two short statements. Wait three.

Good night.